1990 to 2008
Perosa Canavese (TO), Italy

Anatrofobia, meaning Fear Of Ducks, was formed in Perosa Canavese, Italy in 1991. The core trio consisted of brothers Luca Cartolari (bass and electronics), Alessandro Cartolari (alto sax and elecotrnics) and Andrea Biondello (percussions) who experimented and improvised together. Their first album, Frammenti Di Durata, was released in 1997 through C.M.C. In 1998 Mario Simeoni (flute, sax) joined them and in 1999 they recorded their second album, Ruote Che Girano A Vuoto, followed by yet another lineup expansion and a 2001 release Uno Scoiattolo In Mezzo Ad Un'Autostrada, which received wide acclaim and won the Premio Darwin 2001 best Italian album of the year. Being hard at work, the band recorded and released in 2002 their fourth album, l e c o s e n o n p a r l a n o, with the collaboration of Alessio Pisani (bassoon), and Roberto Sassi (electric guitar). This album again received praises and came in second in the Premio Darwin 2002. In 2003 they recorded a track for the tribute album to King Crimson and also released another album, Tesa Musica Marginale, which was released in 2004. In 2005 and 2006 they contributed composition to two music collections: Suono Sonda 4 and BääFest. In 2007 a change of direction came with Brevi Momenti Di Presenza, in which they shifted from fusion to focus more on electronic and free improv approach.