Hell Demonio

Verona, Italy

Hell Demonio was formed in 2004… Their musical influence comes from bands like The Stooges, Germs, AC/DC, mixed up with modern sounds like those by The Nation Of Ulysses, Jesus Lizard, Rye Coalition, Fugazi… It’s not a bunch of skilled musicians, but a group of people who aim for one project.

With the use of only the few instruments that are absolutely necessary, and such an arrogant (and maybe even a bit dumb) name, one could explain pretty well Hell Demonio’s approach to music. According to this attitude, there is no need to be completely devoted to the instrument you play: a drummer can get to the microphone, the man behind the keyboards can brace a bass and the guitarist can bang on the drums… What really matters is something else…

CD / 10inch LP
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
10 tracks
26 minutes
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Thursday, September 1, 2005
7 tracks
17 minutes