Miss Massive Snowflake

Portland, OR, Usa

The songwriter, guitarist, and creative director, Shane de Leon, started the band in 2004 as a family recording project while still in Portland art rock collective, Rollerball.

Miss Massive Snowflake’s three early eps and first full length, Queen’s Headache, were a mix of electronica, hip hop, and acoustic folk. In 2007 Jeanne Kennedy Crosby entered the band on bass and began moving the band towards a more rock based sound. After the sophomore album Songs about Music was released in 2010, Andy Brown (Jessamine, Fontanelle, Paint and Copter) began drumming for the band. Jacopo Andreini (L’Enfance Rouge, Squarcicatrici, Tsigoti) provides horns, percussion, and tour support.

Miss Massive Snowflake has played around the West Coast regularly and toured Europe three times.