1998 to 2001
Zagreb, Croatia

I' ve been asked to write something about Uzrujan. Fuck, Uzrujan is a band I`m in, and although i wrote many reviews and text about other peoples music i think this is a hardest task for me ever. anyhow here is what i know. uzrujan consists of 3 persons playing various instruments: gutars, bass guitar, drums, percussion, electronics, acordian, violin, clarinet, whatever we find arround us and produces some sound.... We started to play music together about year and a half ago. we all played and are still playing in some other bands. Bruno Vidovic, drummer, drums in PEACH PIT. Sven Pavlovic playes in few other bands (RUJAN, PROJEKT:PROJEKT, RANDOM), in some of them with me (RUJAN, RANDOM, SIBIR). Well, we all like different styles of music, i mean we all like all of them, from free jazz to "rock", avant, post something, minimalism, contemporary music,... whatever... what we felt was that other bands we are in are pretty much "song" orientired. You know, strict song structure and stuff... what we wanted to do with our music was to concentrate more on "certain feel" music can takes us to. To do "movies" or "pictures", certain ambient with our music weather it`s plesant or not. Anyhow we didn`t wanted our music to be "background" music many bands are doing today. So i suppose that is the reason some people will never get used to what we do. Anyhow, we start with improvisations, and after some time parts just "click" together the way we like it. though all of the parts are still "open enough" to give us oportunity to go with the music in direction we feel going to.... Sometimes we have guest musicians playing with us, we play way to much in our hometown, we lack hair on our heads, and we wear hats on cold days...
Uzrujan went in contact with Wallace Records very soon, they were involved in the label Earwing Records, from Zagreb, Croatia, because a label with a so wide view like it was, with a contemporary and modern sound like the band played, had no border. We loved the band, the label and its side project, we loved Bara, ten years ago and today.
Rip, friend.

Twice Wrong, U Turn Dvaput Krivo, Povratak
Twice Wrong, U Turn Dvaput Krivo, Povratak
Wallace Sessions 10
Friday, October 21, 2016
5 tracks
29 minutes
...Thirteen Days Forth And Thirteen Back...
...Thirteen Days Forth And Thirteen Back...
Monday, January 1, 2001
6 tracks
34 minutes