Emerging from a successful tour that took them along the US East Coast, Plasma Expander are back with a brand new killer album. Cube – out on 9 march 2013 for a joint ventures of independent labels – is a complete and mature work that perfectly conveys the power of a band that finds its best expression in live performances where all the tracks gets crushed and transfigured by wild improvisations.

In Cube the music continues to balance structure and improvisation, noise and groove. But nowadays the new Plasma Expander’s sound is more repetitive, psychedelic and minimal than the past, when more fragmented and kinetic atmospheres used to characterized the band’s sound.

Mixed and enhanced by the skillful hands of Simon Balestrazzi (T.A.C.), pivotal figure on the Italian experimental scene, Cube springs up after three years have passed from their last studio recording: Kimidanzeigen, which fully confirmed the qualities the band displayed with their first album, the homonymous Plasma Expander, dated 2007.

Heavy-psych? Free-rock? Noise-Techno? Plasma Expander escapes any attempt of academic classification and, with Cube, reaches the zenith of unexpectedness.

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March, 2013
12inch LP