Gravis Atque Gravior

Agatha is a two piece girl band based in Milano, Italy. Pamela, bass, pedals, noise and voice and Claudia, drums, beats, and loud cymbals. 

Agatha started playing in 2003 with Daniela at the guitar and then with Viole from 2008 to january 2010. Then they decided to continue in two, playing louder than before. They love playing loud music, metal riffs, diy concerts and records, nice people all over the world, having fun and playing for fun. They are active in the punk scene of our hometown and are in a queer-feminist-punk-diy collective called Queens of Chaos, organising shows for a lot of bands touring in Italy.

In ten years Agatha did several tours and played almost everywhere in Italy and Europe (Uk, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Sweden, Danemark, Poland, France...) and played also with bands like Ratos de Porao, Kylesa, Dark Castle, Leatherface, Fucked up, Celeste, Beyond Pink, Haggatha, Barn Burner, Ovo, Zeus, Anti You, Grime, La quiete, Raein.

The band has already released a cd Greetings from ssg (Wallace Records) in 2005, a 7" Getting dressed for a death metal party in 2008 (Wallace, Stress To Death, Smartz) and its last record Goatness (Wallace Records-Basement City), the first one only in two, released in 2011 only in vynil with a wonderful cover made by the italian tattoo master Pietro Sedda and black metal photos by Elena Buscemi.

In May 2013, Agatha recorded the new album Gravis atque Gravior, at the Hombre Lobo Studio in Rome with Valerio Fisik. This record is now out thanks to a big diy worldwide conspiracy with a truly metal cover by the italian tatto artist Marra Teppalife

SKU: wal166
June, 2014
12inch LP