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A short parenthesis, just to waste a bit of Your time.. how many riot-grrl Band from italy can You think to? No problem komafriends, it's sad but true, - downhere our/their ladies don't like indie Bands' attitude.. i just can quote Motorama.. - BTW, spartan info about this girls-trio, seeing Pamela, voice and bass, Claudia at drums, Daniela for guitars. And it's a good record! No lo-fi, no amatorial, - even if covert art consists of a plastic shit. - These 25 min are to be consumed quickly, no problems, in immediacy, and after a first fake still start, everything blows out, vocals are always screamy, visceral and totally angry, over rancid/acerbic sounds, harshly melting hard-core and noise (Temper) with a black irony (We're a band of freaks kicks out!) and slicing melodies like a machete. Agatha have all necessary numbers to let You vent Your anger, and make You jump on air in a live show, - and who knows, maybe They might inspire your little italian sister to embrace electric guitar and distortion...
Paolo Miceli, Komakino

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July, 2005