Jealousy Party is an open-project from Firenze, headed by Roberta WJ Meatball and Mat Pogo. They are active since 1995 but they started releasing records only in 2006 after ten years of live performances and studio works. The band revolves around the stable duo of WJM and Pogo and involves collaborations with several different artsists like Jacopo Andreini (L’Enfance Rouge, Tsigoti), Andrea Caprara (Tanake, Tsigoti), Edoardo Ricci, Nicotina, Jimmy Gelli and many others, each one contributing different shades and perspectives on the sound of the group.

Jealousy Party’s music escape any cathegorization, being capable to blend togheter free-jazz improvisation with proto-funk, vocal dadaism and primordial voodoo-rock with glitch electronica. A very colourful range of sounds which reaches his full effect in their explosive live shows. Putting all togheter James Brown, Kid606 and Art Ensemble of Chicago? Yes they can.

After their first two albums Now and Again the band recorded their most comfortable moment, the live act and put it on a record.
The recordings took place in Rome at Hold’em Club.

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March, 2010