Phonometak Series #3

Ovo is a project of music and life. Ovo are Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella, often joined by friends that belong to many different musical scenes. Bruno and Stefania basically started this project to stay together: they were used to follow their partner’s different bands on tour, but they were also sick of the problems that every band has connected with the members lives, works, studies. It was natural for them to form an open but autonomous duo, free to tour and record with or without the collaboration of other musicians. A lifestyle project, so. Or the last frontier of DIY, or the maximum freedom level. In 2006 Load records publishes Miastenia

Sinistri with Xabier Iriondo: Sinistri, formerly known as Starfuckers, is an experimental music unit with drums, electronics, guitar and sometimes vocals, based in Italy. Since their forming in the late 80's they've established a highly unique musical language based on nonmetric rhythms, minimal riffs and improvisational vamps that bear traces of proto-punk, black and contemporary classical music. Sinistri's music comes out from an evolving process and appears like a relentless ultra-syncopated groove which filters, through a raw rock perspective, techniques and primal elements of funk, dub, free jazz, blues, concrete and electro-acoustic music. In this split Xabier Iriondo join Sinistri playing his Mahai Metak, electronic string instrument conceived and built by him.

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Phonometak Series
September, 2007