Tornare nella Terra

A wonder duo here…Batman and Robin?…nee…Bruno Dorella from Ovo/Ronin/Bar la Muerte fame and Giambeppe Succi from Madrigali Magri. Madrigali were a sort of depressed-blues/desertic-skeletal-rock combo both melodic and dissonant (if you wonna give a try I suggest Negarville), for all of you who can read italian language there’s a nice surprise since Giambeppe definitely knows how to write lirycs. Bachi da Pietra could be the final “d-evolution” of Giambeppe Succi solo performances as Madrigali Magri with Bruno playing a minimal drumset and giving the most of the songs an extra “weight” with his death-blues-Swans alike way of drumming. This two guys have received a lot of attention by the italian alternative magazines and you can bet they deserved it: good recording, ghostly ballads, visceral songwriting, deserted landscapes…this release speaks in terms of “mud and blood”. You can compare them to Nick Cave “depressed-Birthday Party-era” meets Songs Ohia‘s “Ghost Tropic” meets Faust’o (a.k.a. Fausto Rossi) gone bad (as if he could have been even worse) meets the the devil himself. The recording is ok and titles like Verme (Warm), Primavera di sangue (Spring of blood), Prostituisciti (Prostitute yourself) can give you an hint of “the air you’re gonna breath” while listening these “murder ballads”. This’ the soundtrack of a car break-down in the middle of the nowhere therefore take it or leave it. Anyhow if you never heard anything with Giambeppe I think you’d better start from Madrigali Magri…if you’re a fan instead: just go for it!
Andrea Ferraris, Chain DLK

SKU: wal069
May, 2005