L'Enfance Rouge

Italy / France

Più di 2000 concerti dal 1995, da Vilna a Tibilisi, da Swinoujscie a Siviglia, da Parigi a Siracusa ; festival, teatri e club, nei campi profughi sloveni e croati durante l'ultima-penultima-terzultima-quartultima guerra.

Avant-rock, atonale e elettrico. Senza direzioni musicali né frontiere geografiche o artistiche.
La stampa europea ne parla come di un incrocio tra introspezione ed accelerazioni, tra cerebralismo e fisicità, groove e trance.


January, 2011
8 tracks
33 minutes

The Franco-Italian is back with the electric version of the previous album Trapani – Halq al Waady.

A new journey between two geographic points (Puglia-Montenegro), and an instinctive declaration against the widespread of the contemporary barbarism.
An electric record, ominously western, an album with no concessions, straight, dynamic, powerful and refined. Bertrand Cantat from Noir Désir is invited in the song Vengadores.

Trapani – Halq al Waady

May, 2008
11 tracks
47 minutes

Some pan-western electricity merged with the pomp of oriental music.

Creative synergy between larsen, feedbacks and the famous quarter-tone of the mediterranean music.
The arrangements are signed by Mohamed Abid, undisputed master of ‘oud in the Orchestre National de la Rachidia, composer and teacher at the High Institute of music in Tunis.
Trapani-Halq to Waady: a North-South line. Trapani, last European port; Halq Waady the first port “Ifriko”.

If the West ends, its musicians are internationalists.

Krško – Valencia

November, 2005
15 tracks
50 minutes

An album uncompromising, extreme and musical.
Imagine Jesus Lizard or Shellac who meet Marianne Faithfull and Majakovskij, all dressed with elegance and refinement that are proper of this band.