A Short Apnea

1996 to 2004
Milano, Italy

Hard to explain the birth of a band like A Short Apnea, ahead in the conception and in the sound, if you don’t browse the curriculum of the musicians, devoted to experimentation with other genres of music since the 80′s. Always in search of a music in which barriers between progressive, post-rock, free jazz, avantgard, A Short Apnea became soon a cult and a reference for who attends from years to find in a band ahead as well as deeply italian.

... just arrived

March, 2004
8 tracks
36 minutes

Born in 3 days of totally free improvisation, November 2001, Milan.

A Short Apnea meet Gorge Trio: electric guitars, drums, rhodes piano, organs, prepared guitars, tapes… Three years listening, selecting, choosing and treating the recordings, and finnaly all of this is concentrated in 36 minutes.

This is only one of multiple ways in which this records could sound: the interpretations and treatment of the natural flow of the chosen material. A Short Apnea’s vision of it.

Five Greeny Stages

March, 2002
1 tracks
16 minutes

This is the second and last step of A Short Apnea's live series.

The sound is live from stage, but this time the mixer is more important then the first An Indigo Ballad release: the "electric" and loudest side of five live shows of the band are mixed in an single track to appear as a unique "song"

An Indigo Ballad

February, 2002
1 tracks
23 minutes

First of the two mini album in limited edition by A Short Apnea.

This electro-acustic live was performed and recorded in an Art Gallery in Legnano (MI), a live for organs, table guitars and effects, in a 20 minutes long suite.

Illu ogod ellat Rhagedia (Ustrainhustri)

November, 2000
3 tracks
55 minutes

The second album by A Short Apnea, Illu ogod ellath Rhagedia (Ustrainhustri) is a concept album divided into three long tracks, themselves evolving tunes composed of different movements.

The innovative rock symphony – involving not only guitar, bass, and drums but also accordion, sax, clarinet, ’60s psychedelic experimentation, jazz as free expression, and ’90s american noise rock – breaches today’s rock line and finds its place as a hybrid music born of the mating of post-rock and experimental noise. With its instrumental pieces, A Short Apnea builds an evocative soundtrack-like album that works with variations of mood.

The musicians take you from dark alleys where you witness a surrealistic apparition to disquieting dank sewers, then change the general atmosphere here and there with a melodic passage reflecting hope, while always bringing you back to spasmodic and bizarre tunes or dissonant and quiet experimentations.

Dense and complex but at the same time evocative and easily accessible, A Short Apnea brilliantly proves with Illu ogod ellath Rhagedia (Ustrainhustri) a that avant-garde does not necessary means intellectual or inapproachable.

A Short Apnea

November, 1999
10 tracks
50 minutes

It feels like there are some mighty interesting things happening down in Italy within experimental music these days. Bands such as Madrigali Magri are just two examples of the fact that that innovative music is beeing made in Italy. Another remarkable example is last years compilation Tracce on Wallace Records. Even though the quality varied quite a bit some of the bands on that comp were simply amazing. One of the songs that caught my attention on that disc was a 20 minute long experimental instrumental song by a band called A Short Apnea. Now, Wallace Records has released a fullength album with that very band. And it sure is one impressive piece of music. The songs vary from beautiful ambient soundscapes to dischordant keyboard-drenched noise to instrumental rock. Sometimes with whispered vocals in italian, which makes it even more exotic. Diversity is the word. Never boring for a second, never without curiousity and playfulness. This album is amazing. I dont know how i easy it would be to get ahold of this, but i can promise that its worth the effort.

(Gabriel Hermansson, Truckfighter)

La Zuccha Polmonate

May, 2002
11 tracks
53 minutes

R.U.N.I. are idiots, we know, so they do idiot things.

In a cold and dark night full of fog in the hinterland, drinking alcol to heat them and friends, they had the idiot idea to remix their album , the world wide famous Il Cucchiaio Infernale.
The morning later nobody would have remembered this, but they were in company with bad discographic managers, their manager Elvisio and some little bands searching for fast and big success.

Obliged by contract to handle again their tapes, the idiot idea became a remix album : La Zuccha Polmonate.
Everyone who would like to kick ass with the responsables of this catastrophic result, here’s names : A Short Apnea, A034, Aerodynamics, BugoMirko Spino, Mutables, Ovo, Pin Pin Sugar, Rollerball, Tasaday and R.U.N.I. themselves.
Title and band public image are curated by Elvisio.


April, 1999
13 tracks
71 minutes

Tracce is the compilation which makes the Wallace Records born, and want to define to guidelines and style for the label. It wants to be the photography of italian underground in ’99, and after years it seems be yet clear. In this compilation: Six Minute War Madness, Starfuckers, A Short Apnea, My Cat Is An Alien, Crunch, Jinx, One Dimensional Man, Atom Pig Neon, Sottopressione, Cleft, Splatterpink, Infranti.