Rinunci a Satana?

Milano, Italy

It seems that for success in science or art a dash of autism is essential

H. Asperger

Damiano Casanova (Il Babau e i Maledetti Cretini) - Guitar
Marco Mazzoldi (ex-Fuzz Orchestra & Bron Y Aur) - Drums

Rinunci a Satana?

April, 2015
6 tracks
40 minutes

Rinunci a Satana? is a power duo from Milan, born in 2013 and run by Damiano Casanova (Il Babau e i maledetti cretini) at guitar, and  Marco Mazzoldi (Fuzz Orchestra e Bron y Aur) at drums.

The plays an hard/heavy-rock instrumental and demodé, with the roots in folk-blues, psichedlia and progressive.