We Are saving the World

Venerdì, Marzo 29, 2019
36 minuti

Hey guys,

I know nothing about you. We never met, or maybe we did, somewhere, but without recognizing one another. Maybe I was the one cutting in line just ahead of you at the bar when you were longing for your beer, or maybe I was the one giving my place to you on the bus the day you looked tired and unhappy. I’m quite sure both my good and bad deeds never changed your life, but contributed to make your day… or to ruin it, why not?


In his poem from 1981, The Just, the postmodernist Argentinian writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges says the world is saved everyday by all the people who do what they do without being aware of their humble heroism and, most important of all, without preaching around or expecting something in exchange. People cultivating their gardens with love, caressing a sleeping pet, playing chess in a bar, enjoying music, or proudly working as artisans and labourers.


And you? What are you doing right now? Is it night or day in this moment? Perhaps you’re driving home after a day spent in the office, or you’re pedaling to meet a friend for a coffee date in the city center, or you’re reading Borges in the subway, a weird taste of autumn and chestnuts on your tongue, your mind caught by the sudden suspect all the other people around you are reading Borges as well, peeking at their neighbours. A game of mirrors, a vertigo, but don’t forget that in this life it is more likely to win at the lottery than to be hit by a meteorite. Now, that’s something.


We never met, but maybe we like the same poets, we grow the same plants on the balcony, we both care about our pets, we are fond of the same music, we are bad at playing chess but we like to have a chessboard at home, and we fear the same things. Perhaps we do the same job, or we appreciate the same beer… who knows? Maybe you live far away from here, but now you’re listening to my voice and I have become part of your world. I hope I’m welcome there.


I know nothing about you and you know nothing about me. Neither my profession nor my full name, neither the place where I live nor if I have a partner, a child or a pet. We are just satellites orbiting around different planets, never meant to meet or crash one into the other. I don’t use social media, I never post pictures of myself on the web, I don’t even answer to phone calls unless they’re from my contacts. We probably have nothing in common, you and me. Nonetheless, we both are saving the world, again and again, every day of our lives. And we should be proud of it. Goodnight children.