1990 to 2008
Perosa Canavese (TO), Italy

Anatrofobia, meaning Fear Of Ducks, was formed in Perosa Canavese, Italy in 1991. The core trio consisted of brothers Luca Cartolari (bass and electronics), Alessandro Cartolari (alto sax and elecotrnics) and Andrea Biondello (percussions) who experimented and improvised together. Their first album, Frammenti Di Durata, was released in 1997 through C.M.C. In 1998 Mario Simeoni (flute, sax) joined them and in 1999 they recorded their second album, Ruote Che Girano A Vuoto, followed by yet another lineup expansion and a 2001 release Uno Scoiattolo In Mezzo Ad Un'Autostrada, which received wide acclaim and won the Premio Darwin 2001 best Italian album of the year. Being hard at work, the band recorded and released in 2002 their fourth album, l e c o s e n o n p a r l a n o, with the collaboration of Alessio Pisani (bassoon), and Roberto Sassi (electric guitar). This album again received praises and came in second in the Premio Darwin 2002. In 2003 they recorded a track for the tribute album to King Crimson and also released another album, Tesa Musica Marginale, which was released in 2004. In 2005 and 2006 they contributed composition to two music collections: Suono Sonda 4 and BääFest. In 2007 a change of direction came with Brevi Momenti Di Presenza, in which they shifted from fusion to focus more on electronic and free improv approach.

Brevi Momenti di Presenza

October, 2007
14 tracks
40 minutes

Away from mainstream artistic path, the band keeps on his quest for an honest experimental musical language.

Anatrofobia’s music is a mix of improvisation, writing, acoustic and electronics, experimentation of non-idiomatic structures, unique timbral combinations: Anatrofobia plays with constantly variable themes, saturation and rarefaction, the plurality of levels, asymmetries and polyrhythms, tonal complexity, on a challenge that faces a continuous investigation of the band’s own musical inventions and the refinement/discussion of the already reached aims.
The ultimate aim is producing pure core music, laically spiritual, in constant tension between order & chaos, law & anarchy, silence and loudness, modernism and tradition.

Tesa Musica Marginale

April, 2004
7 tracks
38 minutes

When Anatrofobia banded in 1990, these players set out to play what they describe as angry crossover. Four years later the entrance of bassist Luca Cartolari turned their concentration towards a greater degree of improvisation. By the time ’99 came along they were off in yet another direction: pop music. Anatrofobia mixes all the elements that have triggered their music and these players do it in an oddball but charming way. They jump from one impulse to another, cavorting and upbeat one moment, sombre and melancholy the next. As they manipulate sound, they create textures on the saxophone and the bassoon and then restructure the melodic body with the scalpels of electronics and samplers. What makes it interesting is the smooth segue. They start on a romp with the first tune, the band in happy unison before that mood is split on the burr of free improvisation given its edge by Alessandro Cartolari on the sax and electronics, the latter an intense buzz saw that takes the tune to a logical climax. There is a wispy air blown in on Frammenti di durata by Cartolari on synthesizer and Alessio Pisani on his bassoon. The disparate pulse is brought in albeit briefly and they stay long enough on a melodic plain which is the happy hunting ground for the sax and the growl of the electric bass of Luca Cartolari. Silence and Senza il tuo perdono posso vivere lo stesso capture the beautifully structured playing of Pisani on the bassoon. The latter is an extended piece that opens for a wider vista, giving Andrea Biondello the room to accent on drums and percussion, sparseness being his trump card. The pace is unhurried and compelling.

(Jerry D’Souza, All About Jazz)

L e c o s e n o n p a r l a n o

October, 2002
13 tracks
49 minutes

Fourth album of a band who conceives own music like a walk. L e c o s e n o p a r l a n o is a photography of Anatrofobia in 2002, and it introduce itself as "different", a step high the previous wider than they never made, thanks also to the inserts of friends guests like Roberto Sassi, Alessio Pisani and Alberto Biroli.

They say: "The material in this CD has been realized between August 2001 and July 2002. In these songs we have tried to improve the cohesion of the several spirits in our music: writing and improvising, heart and brain. After the previous Cd we focus better our ideas, to be more directed, sinceres. We have tried an equilibrium between aspiration and truth, hoping that not there were not misunderstood and doubts in our feeeling. This our works sound accidentally like an anatrofobic "jazzrock" : music, even with its limits, it's born from opening to others experiences, for love of all musics, searching for an own independents direction.

Uno Scoiattolo in mezzo ad un’Autostrada

March, 2001
11 tracks
60 minutes

Speak about own music is difficult.
The horizon remains always the same: improvisation and writing.
Give rules to themselves in order to catch up to freedom together.
Put together elements that are often opposite.
Living in the bands as an happy laboratory, in which always new encounter happen.
Record as a photography of the time lived in the studio:

This Anatrofobia, September 1999 - August 2000