Savona, Italy

Cardosanto are formed in the mid-Nineties in a small town near Genoa. The members of the band are Roberto Sassi (guitar), Fulvio Giglio (bass guitar), Dario Marinangeli (drums) and Luca Pitti (vocals).
In 1997 they publish their first self-produced debut EP, Cardosanto, and begin making their way in the complex reality of the end-of-millennium Italian indie scene. After a few years’ live activity, the singer, Luca Pitti, decides to quit the band. The three remaining members are faced with a difficult decision: finding another singer or carrying on as an instrumental trio? The latter option is the winning one, and the band locks itself in its rehearsal room to reinvent itself, creating the raw material that will become Pneuma, the alpha and the omega of its discography. The record is published in 2000 and is immediately acclaimed by the critics as one of the best debuts of the year, allowing the band to start a long tour in Italy sharing the stage with the likes of Zu, Gorge Trio, Colossamite, Motorpsycho. The trio starts working on new material, but suddenly something breaks within the band and Cardosanto split up in 2002, disappearing from the music scene. The only faint remembrance of the band is carried on by Roberto Sassi who embarks in a musical journey that will lead him to work with MGZ & Le Signore, Anatrofobia (2 albums with Wallace Records), EAQuartett and An Experiment In Navigation (with Xabier Iriondo) in Italy, and with several bands such as London Improvisers Orchestra, Snorkel, Vole and Forebrace in the United Kingdom. Fulvio Giglio has also a short-lived experience with MGZ, playing in one of his albums. In 2012, twelve years since the break-up, Cardosanto’s music still resonates in the hearts of the three band members and brings them together to consider the possibility of picking up their music from where they left it. This is happening right now, and it’s just the beginning of something that never really ended.

Sunday, June 1, 2014
12 tracks
54 minutes