Fuzz Orchestra


Starting from radical improvisation, Fuzz Orchestra achieves to forge a sound which, today, is built on strong rock textures, guitar and drums based, on which a fluxus of outer sounds (samples from political movies, old vinyls, noise streams and real time audio manipulations) ties and rages.
Their debut album Fuzz orchestra – somewhere between noise and kraut rock – is released in 2007, evocating glorious (the Resistance against fascism) and infamous (’60 and ’70 state terrorism) moments of contemporary italian history.
In 2009, with the second album Comunicato n.2, the music gets more brutal and heavy, while the band gives voice back to those who have tried to revolt against the inhuman capitalist world order.
From 2007 to these days, Fuzz Orchestra has been playing over 200 live shows in Italy, Europe and Usa. Mr. Paolo Mongardi (Zeus!, Ronin) joined Luca Ciffo and Fabio Ferrario in the band in summer 2011, replacing former drummer Marco Mazzoldi.
Fuzz Orchestra Mark II is ready to realease in 20011 their third album: Morire per la Patria.

Morire per la patria

December, 2012
CD / 12inch LP
7 tracks
32 minutes

Fuzz Orchestra in back with their third album, after the acclaimed self titled and Comunicato n°2.

They changed line up with Paolo Mongardi behind the drums and after run their new song in many stages in 2012, with their powerful and exciting live.

Morire per la patria talks about revolution in seven tracks, deepening the original formula of the trio with contributions by Edoardo Ricci, Xabier Iriondo, Enrico Gabrielli and Dario Ciffo.

Comunicato n°2

February, 2009
12inch LP + CD / 12inch LP
8 tracks
32 minutes

Two years after the omonymous debut album, Fuzz Orchestra, an ensemble since 2005, is pleased to present his new work: Comunicato n°2.

8 tracks printed on 180 gram vinyl, which represent the natural evolution of previous work.

Because the times have changed and become increasingly dark and painful.
Thus the primate discovers the club.
Sounds and noises are even more brutal.
And the voices no longer tell the story, but the struggle.

Pane Suono Aria.

Fuzz Orchestra

March, 2007
8 tracks
29 minutes

Fuzz Orchestra are an extemporary experimental sound experience of three Bron Y Aur, devoted to a more radical free improvisation attitude, where heavy fuzz guitars advance solemly through a gate of syncopated drumming and sludgy audio manipulation. - Add samples of Mussolini's speeches, background trumpets, radio/tv captured transmissions, metallic noises, - it's like a political visceral mantra alternated to murky post-metal without a bass line (La Bestia best reaches the point), a 7 tracks path along an unsettling agony, driving to last number Eclisse Fuzz, a fast anti-punk mayem closed to some Melvins' oddities.
Paolo Miceli, Komakino

Tagofest III

September, 2009
15 tracks
64 minutes

Director Nicola Quiriconi shoot clips of live perfomances of band at the festival Tagofest III, third edition of the underground festival organized by Wallace Records, Bar la Muerte, Fratto9 under the Sky and Boring Machines, at the club Tago Mago.
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