Taras Bul'ba

Milano, Italy

Taras Bul’ba was born as an instrumental project in 1996, from musicians looking for an extreme concept in rock music. After some line-up changes, and an intense definition of their sound in practice room, Taras Bul’ba recorded their selftitled debut in 2000. After that they became again a trio with one guitar, and recorded Nodo in 2002. Part of this works has been released in Wallace Records’s Po Box series Volume 3, while another track appeared in Arezzo Wave Compilation 2003, where Taras Bul’ba participated live.
From here, start the collaboration with Wallace Records for two albums, Incisione and Secrets Chimiques, untill the last recording: Amur.


December, 2012
8 tracks
43 minutes

Taras Bul’ba is back from boundless steppes even more enraged and bewildered, unaware of genres and currents, as always rough and guttural, more than ever suffering from an incurable gloom and unnatural outbursts of enthusiasm, slaughtering and dismembering shreds of hardcore and psychedelia, funeral blues and industrial funk, ambient and dark, snorts chasing minimal math calculations and builds the unstoppable dilapidated Amur.

Secrets Chimiques

December, 2008
11 tracks
45 minutes

It comes out battered, bruised and bleeding from listening to Secrets Chimiques, Wallace's third work for Milan trio instrumental noise Taras Bul'ba, certainly the most mature and interesting of the Italian groups to which several years ago Wallace gave the space in a collection of the series PO Box 52. Misty skies from the Little Naked City, amplifier saturation, and, it seems, a remarkable devotion to the noise rock of the nineties: Distorted Pony, Cows, for certain mathematical solutions and yet nothing at all of the brain (a comparison of all: Giddy Motors ). There is no shortage interludes where take over hypnotic atmosphere, viscous, dreamy (on Traumdeutung and Khyber Pass). They are the only predicaments where you do not succumb under the weight of distortion and madness. You sweat blood to play like this, his temples throb of pain, and muscle flood of lactic acid. Taras Bul'ba know it but can not help it.
Andrea Prevignano, Prevy Rotation



May, 2005
8 tracks
26 minutes

Originally formed in 1996 as an instrumental project, Italian trio Taras Bul’ba are a heads-down extreme rock trio whose furious bombardment shuffles somewhere between Big Black and Einsturzende Neubauten: Using the basic instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums, the group add found obscure film soundtracks samples to their driving beats looping their rhythms back and forth to push out an even more sinister sonic accompaniment to such cracking celluloid statements as: “If I could get my hands on you, I’d break your dried flesh to pieces.” There is also a progressive element to T.B.’s work which directs it away from being just another straight rock haul and into the realms of contemporary classical or Naked City flecked jazzcore. Music for headbangers and even Black Metal worshippers, but possessed with an almost malignant intelligence.
Edwin Pouncy, The Wire

Po Box 52.3

P.O. Box 52 Series 3
May, 2003
9 tracks
63 minutes