Almandino Quite Deluxe

Bologna, Italy

What can you expect from a guitar/drum duo (male/female) dressing like some masked wrestler?
I guess the answer it’s obvious: rock’n'roll. Garage rockarolla recorded in Detroit
Anything more you wonna add?

Violent Potato

March, 2007
9 tracks
20 minutes

Bluescore rules!! In 2001 the most impertinent italian rock’n'roll duo was born at the pussygarage in Bologna.

The bluescore duo recorded the new album Violent Potato with Jim Diamond (Dirtbo​mbs) at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit.

Tagofest III

September, 2009
15 tracks
64 minutes

Director Nicola Quiriconi shoot clips of live perfomances of band at the festival Tagofest III, third edition of the underground festival organized by Wallace Records, Bar la Muerte, Fratto9 under the Sky and Boring Machines, at the club Tago Mago.
Afraid!, Airportman, Almandino Quite Deluxe, Be Invisible Now, Dadamatto, Fuzz Orchestra, Harshcore, I/O, Jealousy Party, Larsen Lombriki, Miranda, Musica Da Cucina, Ovo, Tiger!Shit!Tiger!Tiger!, With Love.