Paolo Angeli

Cagliari, Italy

Former member of the Laboratorio di Musica & Imagina avantgarde ensemble, italian guitarist Paolo Angeli developed a personal technique at a modified folk guitar through Dove Dormono gli Autobus, Linee di Fuga, the suite Tessuti, MA.Ri., a collaboration with Antonello Salis. Recorded live during the european tour of the previous two years, Bucato offers a set of instrumental pieces for prepared guitar. While the exclusive use of a single instrument may result in an overall monotonous sound, the stylistic range of influences is fairly wide. Paolo Angeli seems to be perfectly at ease with minimalism, jazz, noise-rock, chamber-music and traditional italian music in general

Phonometak Series #2
Phonometak Series #2
Phonometak Series 2
10inch LP
Monday, January 1, 2007
4 tracks
29 minutes